Packing Services

Packing services provide that much needed extra help in preparing for your move. So, if time is an issue, or if you just want to make sure your items get the best possible protection for your move, an add on service like packing is an excellent idea. Packing is not an included service as many customers will pack their own items. So, it must be requested as part of your moving quote as an extra service. Even when you think you might pack yourself, you can ask for a quote just to see if it's in your moving budget.

Moving companies will not insure items you have packed regardless of how an item is damaged during a move. So, if you are concerned about an item, or a set of china that has been handed down through your family, hire a moving company to pack it, or consider moving that item yourself. No amount of compensation can replace a memory. Consider a full pack, partial pack or specific room pack for your move.

Key Benefits To Getting a Packing Service

There are many benefits to hiring a moving company to do your packing. Here are the more common reasons.

  • Time - we all have very busy lives and move day comes on us quickly
  • Experienced Movers - We know how to protect your items.
  • Materials - Movers use better quality boxes to protect your items
  • Labeling - Boxes can be labeled by contents and/or room
  • Only pay for the materials used
  • Packing services make moving a lot less stressful

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