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Phone Estimates

It is important to be as accurate as possible when providing an Item List. Your Estimate is based on the Item List that you provide. We use this Item List to determine how many men and hours your job will require. This helps us with scheduling and enables us to give you an accurate Estimate. The Estimate is based on your home being packed and ready to move. Adding a significant number of items to your move after you have given us an Item List will increase the time required for your move, thus, the Cost for your move will increase. Please understand an estimate with hourly rates is not a guaranteed move price. Always consider an in home estimate over a phone estimate for better accuracy.


48-hour notice is required to avoid a cancellation/rescheduling fee for moves scheduled Tuesday-Thursday and 72 hours cancellation/rescheduling notice is needed for moves scheduled Friday-Monday.


May be Cash, Personal Checks or Credit/Debit Cards which incur 4.5% surcharge. Returned checks will have a $35 fee assessed to the balance due. All residential moves are due on the date of service. Commercial accounts may be invoiced via written agreement in advance of our service. Invoiced jobs will have an additional 4.5% surcharge to the amount due. All late payments are assessed a 1% per day late fee o the balance owed.

Additional Charges

There may be additional charges for transportation of items not included in the original estimate. Extra pickups and/or deliveries, removal and /or replacement of doors, packing done at the request of the shipper, and any service considered out of the ordinary may incur additional charges. Even when your original estimate does not include these items, customer will be charged for additional trucks, overnight storage per vehicle, and moving delays cause by last minute changes to your move schedule, and all consumables (shrink, tape and other materials).

Bulky Items

Pool tables, pianos, treadmills, ellipticals, riding lawn mowers, safes, gun safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and other items that may be added to this will be charged a “bulky item” charge. It will be in addition to the hourly rate of the move.

Arrival Times

Move That Stuff will give you an estimated window of arrival. We make every effort to arrive within that window. Please remember that the window of arrival time is just an estimate. If we are running early or late, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please make sure we have a phone number to get in touch with you on moving day.

Inclement Weather

Additional costs may be incurred due to staging difficulties caused by inclement weather. We will make the strongest possible effort to keep items undamaged by weather but cannot make any guarantees. The crew can assist with snow and ice removal at an additional cost. In case of a snow or ice storm, jobs may be cancelled to avoid bodily injury or equipment damage and will be rescheduled beginning the first available date after the storm or as our schedule allows. Jewelry and Other Valuables: Please note that we will not be liable for any valuables such as documents, medicine, priceless items, jewelry, and currency.


We will not be responsible or liable for any firearms. Please remove any firearms prior to your move.

Travel Time & Charges

Moves within the immediate Tulsa area to include Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso and Catoosa are considered local and the local trip charge will apply for these locations to cover fuel and the truck. Move time starts when the movers arrive and ends when the movers complete the move. For other surrounding areas, to include Claremore, Sand Springs, Skiatook, Sapulpa, Glenpool and other locations with a similar distance from Tulsa, the same local trip charge will apply to cover fuel and the truck, however the move time starts when the movers start transit to your location, and may include an estimated return travel charge based on drive time back to our warehouse to cover the movers time and labor costs. Moving services provided for distances greater than 25 miles from Tulsa will have specific fuel and travel charges listed for your move.


We use 24 and 26 foot moving trucks. Based on availability or mechanical issues with our existing fleet, we may rent additional vehicles on a need basis from companeis such as Penske, Budget and U-Haul. We also do furniture deliveries for many large furniture stores in Tulsa, and from time to time these trucks which have these stores logos on them may be used for moving.


Plasma and Flat Screen/ Flat Panel TV’s are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is best for moving them. These items must be crated or packed in original boxes before shipment. We will not move these items without packing/crating properly. There is an additional charge for preparing these items for your move.If you cannot pack your TV we highly recommend our packing service. Call and speak with a Customer Service Representative for details. We would be happy to arrange a professional packing crew for you.

Contents Of Drawers

All drawers of Pressed Wood or Particle Board furniture must be completely empty. The contents of all desk drawers must be removed. Standard file cabinets (2 drawers only) can stay packed, however, the drawers either must be locked or securely taped shut. Lateral and Fireproof file cabinets must be emptied. Clothing may remain in dresser drawers, but please remove fragile, valuable, and heavy items (i.e. perfume, jewelry, books, papers, etc.)


Be sure to contact your building supervisor to reserve the elevator and have it padded for the day of your move. Also, note any time restriction that might apply.


At the beginning of every move, the foreman will do a walk-through with you, the customer, and advise you of the wrapping/packing option and cost to protect your belongings during the move. Should you choose to not use our protective services, and sign a release of liability, Move That Stuff will not be held liable/cover/reimburse you for any damage that may occur because of your refusal to use our wrapping/packing services. Although our movers will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If there is damage, notify your movers immediately. Damages must be noted on your contract. If you discover damage after the move, call the office within 7 days of your move. No damage claims will be honored until the charges for moving services have been paid in full. Move That Stuff reserves the right to repair any damaged item before you have it repaired or replaced. In case you choose to repair or replace the damaged item before Move That Stuff has been given an opportunity to do so, the company will be only liable to $.60 per pound per article as stated by law. Damges to your home are limited to $100 in total, regardless of the reson for damages and all repairs must be completed by a representative of MoveThatStuff. If customers elect to hire their own contractor to complete repairs, a check for $100 will be mailed as payment in full for these damages.

Damages caused while loading or unloading your truck or storage unit

Damages caused while loading or unloading your truck or storage unit are not covered as Move That Stuff is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody, and control throughtout the ensite move process.

Pressed wood/Pressboard

Any furniture made of this material will have very limited to no value as far as liability of the company. Move That Stuff will not disassemble or reassemble furniture made of this material. Should you choose to disassemble your furniture, we will move the pieces and will not reassemble upon delivery.

Electronics/Commercial Printers

All electronics should be packed by customer. Electronics can be moved without packing however customers waives all liability against damage in the event that the item is not working when delivered. This is especially true for TV's and printers (desktop and large office/floor printers). For commercial moves please consider hiring a company that specializes in moving large or commercial printers.


Move That Stuff will disconnect and reconnect washers, dryers and refrigerators, if the right connections are in place. We will not replace electrical cords on dryers. Refrigerator doors sometimes need to be removed to go through narrow hallways or doors. Move That Stuff will not take off doors that have water or electrical connection going through them and we will not remove freezer bottom drawers on refrigerators. If you know that this needs to be done to move the refrigerator in or out of the area where it is located, please contact an appliance company to do that ahead of time. Under no circumstances will Move That Stuff be involved in such tasks. Washers that are front loaders have locks to secure the drum during the move. Move That Stuff can install and remove these locks, but you must provide these locks for Move That Stuff to move the washer in a safe manner (these locks usually come with the washer when purchased.) Move That Stuff will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical or electronic equipment (which may be a loose wire, blown fuse, etc.) We are not responsible for minor dents or scratches on major appliances. A thin metal that has an extreme affinity to dent and scratch covers them and is not sufficient protection when being moved out of the original packaging.

Packing Services

Only boxes packed by MoveThatStuff are covered against damages, and are then covered only by the level of liability you select for your move. The default is 60 cents per pound per item. See Valuation below for more information. For more coverage, contact MoveThatStuff before your move. Additional coverage must be stated on your estimate or it is not included. MoveThatStuff will only pack using our boxes. We cannot pack jewellery, money, liquids, ammo, firearms or explosives to include fireworks. On the day of packing, if you request that the movers not pack all of your items, you are responsible for packing those items before the movers return the following day for moving. We can leave additional boxes for you to complete packing those items including your bedding and personal effects. Please understand there is a difference between packing and organizing. Your items will be packed in the same condition they are found in. Clothing and other items hung or neatly folded will be packed with the same care. Clothing in piles on the floor will not be folded or reorganized before packing so please have your items ready for packing when we arrive.

Released Valuation Coverage

Move That Stuff provides Released Valuation Coverage on all moves. This is federally mandated default coverage of $0.60 per pound damage payout. It is not value based and has many exclusions that are listed below. We also hold $1,000,000 in General Liability Coverage. General Liability covers personal injury and personal property that is damaged through the course of normal business operations.

What Is Not Covered: Exclusions

Understanding the exclusions list will help you prepare better for your move. In addition to the list, we have also provided additional information for each item to help you understand why the items are excluded.

Any items that were packed by the customer and not by our movers cannot be covered. Why: We cannot be sure how the box, crate or bin was packed and if it was packed correctly. Further, many boxes are used several times and their structure may not be adequate to prevent damage.

Granite and marble are not covered under our Liability due to variations in hairline cracks, veining, fissures, and pitting.

Any furniture items when no furniture pads are used for protection (based on customer refusal). Why: Hiring professional movers is only half the battle. Furniture pads are extremely important in ensuring that your items are packed safely for transport.

Special care items, including glass tops and mirrors or high value items without proper packing and preparation. Why: The best example of these are plasma and LCD TV’s. These items must be crated or packed in original boxes before shipment. We will not move special care items without packing or crating properly.

Clay Pots will not be covered under any circumstances. Should you require Move That Stuff to move clay pots, full or empty, we will do our best to move them in a safe manner, but being that they may have a crack going through unseen; every bump on the road could cause a breakage. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any kind of planters/pots made of clay, porcelain, ceramic or glass.

What Is Covered

Despite the list of exclusions and limitations, we do cover items that we knowingly damage. Released Valuation Coverage is provided for damages on site while in the possession of our movers, assuming they do not meet any of the exclusions above.

Release of Liability

Occasionally it may not be possible to place items where you would like them without possible damage to the items or premises. If this situation arises, our Foreman will present you with a release form indicating that you accept responsibility for any ensuing damage. Move That Stuff will not attempt to bring your items to their desired location unless the release of liability has been signed.

Right Of Refusal

We reserve the right not to service you under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages.

Tipping The Movers

There's a great article about tipping movers on a site dedicated to general tips. Click here to learn more.

Customer Packed Boxes

We do sell packing supplies. Pack everything in boxes. Do not use paper or plastic bags. Shut and tape tops and bottoms of boxes. Clearly mark the destination of all boxes on the top and sides and mark FRAGILE as needed. All fragile items, including lamps, china, computers, stereos, DVD’s etc. must be properly packed.

Closing Delays & Last Minute Schedule Changes

From time to time a customer will experience a delay or last minute change to their closing. Please understand that while this is often outside of your control, movers are only paid when they are working on a move. For that reason, and to ensure our movers are paid for their time, if you are not ready to move in or out of your home when the movers arrive, you will still be billed at the published hourly rates for your crew from when they arrive until the job is complete.

Discounts & Price Adjustments

Discounts are offered to military and other civil service employees, and seniors. Discounts when offered are not applicable to any services under 2 hours, as this is the minimum for any service provided, and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. Any discount or adjustments to your final bill will be considered part or full payment for that claim, and not in addition to the discount.

Deliver around the world

While most of our moving is in Okalhoma, we do provide long distance and internaitonal moving services.

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