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Packing Tips When Moving

Packing your home for moving can be a big money saver, if done right. Here are some basic packing tips to help you prepare for your move.

Moving Boxes & SuppliesDrawers: Our dressers nightstands and other furniture items which have drawers typically have an assortment of items in them. It's okay to leave linens and fabrics in the drawer, but smaller loose articles should be packed for moving. For random items consider using zip lock bags which you can mark with a permanent marker and then place collectively in a small box. One you're settled in your new home its much easier to place those items back in to their original locations.

Pack The Items you Don't use a Lot: Think about the rooms in your home that are never used like guest rooms and get them packed up first, working your way from the items you never use down to the items you use on a daily basis. Set aside an emergency box of items you'll leave opened for things that you might use right up until move day.

The Emergency Bag: Pack a bag or two like you're going on vacation to Gilligans Island. Put everything you'd need for a three day weekend in that bag. It can be very helpful when you get moved in to your new home to be able to access the essentials and not have to rummage through boxes finding things you need immediately. It's also a good idea to move these bags yourself on move day.

Packing Similar Items Together: Don't pack breakables with pots and pans.

Use The Right Boxes: Use book boxes for magazines and books. The heavier the items, the smaller the box (assuming it will fit in the box). Consider the people who will have to carry those boxes. The harder you make the job, the longer it will take, the more it will cost.

Pack The Boxes Correctly: Most moving companies will not load boxes that are over packed, overweight, or that are not sealed top to bottom. The risk for damage increases and moving companies do not want to be responsible for items that are packed poorly. They may insist on repacking those items at your expense to complete the job. All boxes have to be taped shut (no open boxes)

Breakables: Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your breakables. Newspaper has ink that will smudge and mark certain types of china.

Packing Risks: Moving companies are not responsible for damage to items they did not pack, simply because they have no way of knowing the condition of the item in advance of moving it. So if you're not sure you want to take on the responsibility of packing your expensive items, tell you mover you want all or some of your items packed for you.

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