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Money Saving Tips When Moving

Moving can be overwhelming, and often the things that make the moving process go smoother can also make the moving costs be less of a burden on your pocket. Here's some stress/time/money saving tips for your move.

Moving TipsWhen to Move: The most expensive time of the year to move is the summer. The most expensive time of the month to move is the beginning and the end of a month. The most expensive time of the week to move is the weekend. The most expensive time of the day to move is the evening. Picking the time of the year to move can be a little more difficult because of job and school requirements. And if you live in an apartment, trying to move in the middle of the month can be more difficult because apartment contracts typically run to the end of the month. But if you can, try to move in the off season, during the week, during the daytime hours. You'll get much better deals on moving costs.

No need to move the kitchen sink: Spend some time in the weeks before your move getting rid of things you won't need. Why pay the movers a lot of money to move things to your new home only to find they don't fit in your new home. Have a garage sale, or donate items to charity.

Prep, prep and more prep: The moving company will do everything you need to get you moved. But do you really want to pay for a bunch of things you could have done in the weeks leading up to your move. How about stripping the guest room, disassembling the beds in rooms not being used, packing up those rooms, labeling boxes...

Packing: Packing your own home can reduce your moving costs by almost half. Let your mover know what moving supplies you're going to need and often when you have booked with a mover, they will drop the packing materials by with no delivery fees.

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Life is a journey. Let's keep yours going with a great move!!!

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