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Choosing A Moving Company

We realize that the first thing people think about when they consider using a moving company, is the cost of moving. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it's not the driving force behind how you pick your moving company. Here's a list of things to consider as you talk to the different moving companies about your move.

Free Moving QuoteGet More Than One Quote: As much as we'd love to be your moving company, we might not be the first moving company you call. And without talking to some different moving companies, you might not understand your options as a customer. Moving companies all offer the same things, but in vastly different way, and finding a mover that will fit your needs is important. We recommend getting estimates from 2-3 moving companies on local moves and 5-6 estimates for long distance moves (ones that cross state lines).

Ask About Fees: There are lots of different fees that moving companies can charge, and you don't want to find out about them on move day. Some of those fees can include stairs or elevator fees, heavy item fees, specialty fees for pianos and pool tables or extra-large safes, long carry fees where the movers can't get their moving vehicle close to the entry of your residence, additional stop fees when you need to pick come things up or drop some things off at a storage unit along the way. So ask about fees. Sometimes the mover won't know to mention them until they realize there's a reason for them.

Licensing and Insurance: It seems obvious but not many customers ever ask about this, and they should. It must be one of the more important factors in picking a moving company. If they are licensed to move they probably won't carry the correct moving insurance, if any at all. And that will be a big headache for you later if and when you have a problem with your move. And chances are, if you deal with a moving company that doesn't care about the legal requirements, you're dealing with a moving company that won't care about you. If you get an estimate from a moving company whose prices seem way lower than the competition, they are most likely not licensed and insured.

Workers: Look for a moving company that uses and trains full time workers. Part time workers are not unusual during the busy months of the summer, and are okay as long as they are getting the same training as the full time workers. What you want to stay away from are the moving companies that use temp hire workers, that are randomly sent to the moving company on a daily basis without any training or background with the moving company. Drug testing and background checks should be normal procedure for the moving company and their movers.

Better Business Bureau: Not every moving company is a part of the Better Business Bureau, and when they are not you have to ask why not. The BBB is a driving force behind ensuring that businesses follow ethical business practices, and mediate between customers and the business to ensure a suitable outcome for the company and the customer whenever issues arrive out of the provision of a service. They keep the company honest, and motivated to be leaders in their respective industry. Online reviews of a company are helpful, but can sometimes be skewed. Reviews of a company with the BBB are posted and monitored by the BBB and more dependable.

How the Moving Company Charges for Service: For local moves most moving companies charge hourly rates for service. For larger 3 bedroom homes and above, some moving companies will offer fixed rate pricing, where you know exactly what your move will cost in advance. This typically requires an in home estimate by the moving company, where they can inventory and review the contents of the move. With hourly rates, some moving companies will start charging as they leave from their location, others will charge once they arrive at your residence. Some will charge a 1 hour travel fee to cover costs for labor during travel to and from your locations. Some will charge a fuel fee and some will charge for fuel and travel. Be sure to ask the moving company how they will charge you for your move.

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