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Apartment Moving Tips when moving in and around Tulsa

It probably sounds easy, moving from one apartment to another, or to yourApartment Moving Tips very first new house. But there are things you should think about if you plan on using a moving company for your next apartment move in Tulsa metropolitan area. Here are some apartment moving tips for your next apartment move:

Best Rates: Don't go with the first moving company to offer you a rate when moving from your apartment. Call around, and talk to three or four moving companies.

Research: After you've taken notes from all of the moving companies, research research research. Go online; visit the BBB Google and Yahoo for reviews. Make sure that the movers are licensed and insured. You might not care now, but you will if there are any problems that come up during the move. Using movers that are not properly credentialed will leave you with very few options if you run in to problems during or after your move. Lastly, don't do business with a moving company that does not give you a written estimate before you book with them.

Budget: If you're moving on a budget, try to avoid looking for the cheapest movers. I know that probably goes against working with a budget, but what you save in moving costs can quicky be lost with a moving company whose movers are slow (not trained) and through the damages caused by their lack of training. Look for a moving company whose prices fall somewhere in the middle.

Save Money: If you're not worried about what your move will cost and just want a fair price combined with a safe efficient move then this won't apply to you. But if you're working on a budget, and need to save money, be willing to have your house prepped for when the movers get there. Make sure everything is packed correctly, and beds are stripped of linens, beds are broken down, electronics disconnected and appliances disconnected and boxes properly labeled. Any reputable moving company is going to do all of this for you if you want them to, but you'll pay for the time the movers spend doing all that. You just have to decide, how much moving do I need and what do I want to pay for it.

Help The Movers: Most moving companies will let you help them carry your items out to the moving vehicle. Again, this is an option for someone wanting to help keep their moving costs down. This will help the move go quicker, and since most local moves are charged by the hour, every minute you reduce your move time is a minute less you'll have to pay for. Note: Moving companies probably won't let you climb on to their vehicles for insurance reasons but what you do on your own property (move vehicle excluded) is up to you. It might be worth asking moving companies as you screen their offers what their policy is.

Furniture Only: If you want to save even more money, consider hiring a moving company to move only the items you don't want to move yourself, such as the furniture. Many customers will move the boxes themselves in the weeks leading up to their move. Of course this assumes you have access to your new residence in the days or weeks before your move. Make sure you ask the moving company what their hourly minimum is. It can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the moving company.

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